Restoring Federal Reimbursement

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Educating Government Policymakers to Protect and Advance Business Goals.

Alliance retained Armory Hill Advocates in the middle of 2006, just four months after the passage of the Deficit Reduction Act by the U.S. Congress. After the bill was passed, the advanced imaging industry discovered that payments for imaging services to Medicare patients was reduced in order to fund Congressional priorities included in the DRA. Known for restoring federal reimbursement, Armory Hill Advocates was brought on to build an effective government relations strategy, raise the profile of the company and the industry on Capitol Hill, and educate lawmakers on the impacts to Medicare patients.


Objective: respond to Congressional actions by developing a government relations strategy, monitoring future policy changes and advocate for favorable payment guidelines.

Actions: direct meetings with Congressional leaders and staff on the House Energy & Commerce Committee, House Ways & Means Committee, and the Senate Finance Committee; direct meetings with Bush Administration officials at the U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid (CMS); and the reorganization of an industry trade association.

Results: Armory Hills Advocates helped establish relationships with members of Congress on jurisdictional Committees, establishing direct dialogue with public officials who influence Medicare payment guidelines and developing an company wide advocacy program.

Newport, CA based Alliance HealthCare Services is a leading national provider of advanced diagnostic imaging & radiation therapy services.

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