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Early in 2016, changing federal regulations challenged the ability for Veterinarians to compound medications treating animals, small and large. These changes mostly impacted Emergency Vets who handle crisis animal health situations on weekends, holidays and when Veterinary pharmacies are closed. Armory Hill Advocates was tasked by the nations’ leading Animal Health Compounding Pharmacies, to collaborate with Florida’s Veterinary Medical Association in the passage of State Government legislation.

With Florida’s Legislature in session only 60 days annually, the task required Amory Hill to secure House & Senate Bill Sponsors, draft legislation, introduce and successfully pass the bill in six (6) Committees as well as final passage in the House & Senate. The Act successfully passed on the last day of 2016 Annual Session and was signed into law by then-Governor Rick Scott. It is rare for a bill to pass in one year, however, this regulation, which remains in place today, is a reminder of the affection which pets have in the hearts of their owners. The bill passed unanimously out of each Committee.

State government legislation - Florida’s Veterinary Medical Association

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